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  • The Beep Egg™ by Brainstream


    Compact Novelties is excited to announce that we are representing the Beep Egg™ by Brainstream. Beep Egg ™exhibited​ for the first time in the USA​ at the recent Chicago Housewares Show. Beep Egg™ – Boiling eggs the easy way. It looks like an egg, feels like and egg, and it sings! Why Beee Egg You keep the Beep Egg in the refrigerator with your other eggs. You put the Beep Egg in the water the same time as when you put in your real…
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  • full-circle-creo-featured

    2014 Full Circle & Creo Catalogs


    The following new catalogs have been added by Full Circle and Creo. Checkout some of the new products for 2014: • Dust Whisperer • Clean Team • Tea Traveler • Wherever Water Lemon Water On-the-Go • Bright Bin Sink Caddy • Bubble Up   Download Catalogs Here  

  • Aptation’s Mirror Closeout Report


    Aptation’s mirror closeout specials with brands from Kimball & Young, Mirror Image and First Impressions. Checkout the great closeouts with round, oval, contemporary and double-arm designs and more. • Lighted Wall Mirror – Double Sided – $54.68 • Lighted Wall Mirror – Plug in – $39.37 • Lighted Vanity Mirrors – $45.57 • Non-Lighted Wall Mirror – $17.37 • Non-Lighted Vanity Mirrors – $24.60 • Non-Lighted Vanity Mirrors – Starting at $14.95   Download Closeout Brochure Here  

  • Upper Canada Huge Pre-Holiday Deals


    Upper Canada Soap is offering huge holiday savings! Get up to 50% off some amazing products for your store for the holidays. Big Savings Is Here From Upper Canada For The Holidays! • Holiday Reusable Hand Warmers – 50% OFF • Holiday Ice Pack – 50% OFF • Holiday Cozy Sock Set – 50% OFF • Holiday Nail Files – 50% OFF • Ruby Crush Cosmetic Bag Collection – 40% – 50% OFF • Emerald Crush Cosmetic Bag Collection – 40% OFF • Envelope Diamond Compacts – 40% OFF • Metallic Purse…
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  • Stocking Stuffers by Jokari


    Hurry and take advantage of 10% off wholesale prices shown on all these awesome stocking stuffers and solution gadgets from Jokari. These great innovative products will fly off the shelves and make the perfect holiday must have. Get 10% Off Wholesale On These Great Jokari Products • Soda Straws Cans • Soda Straws Bottles • Can Caps 2pk • Can Caps 4pk • Soda Dispenser • Soda Fresh Pump Cap • Soda Fresh Pump & Pour • Soda Fresh Pump & Pour • Can Soda Fresh • Vacuum Wine Cork • Whale Faucet Fountain • Beverage…
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  • Holiday Gift Suggestions


    All the conveniences in one great mirror: • Space Saver – a cosmetic mirror, a music player and phone all-in-one! • Time Manager – conduct phone calls, get updated on traffic and other news while you get ready. • Bluetooth Enabled • 8.5” Lighted Mirror with Single Light setting and 36 Long Lasting LED Bulbs • LED Bulbs will last 50,000 hours • Magnification 10x and True Image – High quality distortion free mirror enables precision in tweezing, make-up application and skin evaluation • 2 High Quality Water Resistant Definition Speakers…
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  • 20% OFF Jokari Gadget Promotion – Magnifying Medi-Grip


    If you have trouble opening those pesky medicine bottles and are tired of hurting your hands then Medi-Grip is perfect for you. • One step installation on standard faucets • Made from thick, waterproof, lightweight plastic • Contoured grooves for easy handling • Non-slip grip • Size: 1″ tall x 4″ wide x 3″ deep 20% off promotions now through Dec 31st

  • 20% OFF Jokari Gadget Promotion – Whale Faucet Fountain


    Make boring things like brushing your teeth and washing your face fun for kids with the Whale Faucet Fountain! • One step installation on standard faucets • Eliminate paper cups • Save money and water • Make brushing fun for kids Patented design • Does not interfere with normal faucet use 20% off promotions now through Dec 31st

  • Health Steps from Jokari


    Healthy Steps by Jokari, the first and only line of kitchen tools designed to visually help consumers with healthy eating and portion control without measuring or weighing, will feature two new kitchen tools at the International Home and Housewares Show, March 2-5, at McCormick Place in Chicago. The new Healthy Steps by Jokari kitchen tools to be featured in Booth S2035, include: Dessert Pro – enjoy desserts responsibly with this proper portion tool. 2-scoop multi-tool works with all types of desserts with an easy…
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  • Lifetime Brands New Look


    Lifetime Brands is proud to announce the launch of our new corporate logo. The new design offers a modern visual identity that reflects our global presence, forward thinking, and fresh approach to business. The new logo features a redesigned Lifetime Brands name, appearing in a combination of capital and lowercase letters, with a bold emphasis on the word “Brands.” The company name is complemented by a circular graphic with the outline of a house in the center. The circular shape represents the company’s global…
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